"Good encouragement, teamwork and feeling of school community". Parent, 2019.                                                                                               

"The school is well organised with great communication between staff and parents. Appropriate expectations and a happy vibe!". Parent, 2019.

'Good community ethos in the school with high expectations of the children and encouragement for them to feel proud of what they do'. Parent, 2019.

"Collaborative staff who are capable of recognising and addressing any issues in a timely and sensitive manner".   Parent, 2019.                                   

"My child comes home talking about his learning and we can see the impact of the teaching staff daily".  Parent, 2019.                          

"Easy access to talk to class teachers. Small school with interaction between the different years which creates a supportive atmosphere for the younger children".  Parent, 2019.  

“The staff at The Vale are excellent, caring and friendly. Their dedicated approach to teaching is what makes the school a wonderful place for children to start their learning journey.’’
Parent, 2019