Governing body




Chair        (Community Governor)

Mrs Debbie Matthews

Vice Chair (Community Governor)

Mrs Dawn White

Headteacher Governor

Mrs Cathy Browne

Staff Governor

Mrs Sarah Leyland


 Community Governors

Mr Graeme Cobb


Miss Stella Hart

 Parent Governors

Mr Simon Pearce


Mrs Dawn White




Mrs Tessa Jones











The Vale Primary School is a member of GLF.  Local governance is provided through the Local Governing Body, with our local governors elected or appointed as follows:


  • 2 Parent Governors - Elected by parents; must have at least one child at the school at the time of election.
  • 1 Staff Governor - Elected by staff, must work at the school
  • 4 Community Governors – Appointed for the skills and experience they bring to the school
  • The Head Teacher Governor

The Local Governing Body meets twice a term and supports the Oaks Trust Board in its governance function.   A major role is to understand the local context of our school and Governors visit The Vale Primary School regularly to monitor key aspects of the school’s development and the Local Governing Body has appointed lead governors with responsibility for specific areas related to our School Development Plan

  • Effectiveness of leadership and management
  • Standards of teaching and learning - curriculum development
  • Personal development, welfare and behaviour
  • Outcomes for children and learners
  • Special Educational Needs


Governors are also required to attend training and maintain an understanding of relevant developments in governance.   News from Governors’ meetings is regularly provided to parents and carers through the school newsletter.


If you are interested in becoming a governor, please contact the Clerk via the school office.

To contact the Chair of Governors please email:



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